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Pralines and deposited pralines
Belt Line A/DT

Automatic lines for the production for chocolate truffles and belt deposited pralines. The A/DT lines guarantee perfect control and complete automation of the production process for these delicate items, while maintaining the appearance of an artisan creation.

Deposited Pralines

Powdered Truffles

For perfect
Forming Control

Sophisticated item forming stations combine maximum accuracy in item depositing and forming with perfect control of mass conditions stability.

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After that, accurate and efficient cooling tunnels prepare the product to be transferred to the enrobing lines or, if required, to the station for being decorated with cocoa powder.

Perfect finishing in a clean
Working environment

The TP decorating stations ensure the uniform enrobing of chocolate truffles with a thin layer of cocoa powder, which is ideal for item decoration, guaranteeing proportionate flavouring and facilitating wrapping.

The TP decorating stations also protect the surrounding work environment from the dispersion of cocoa powder by the combination of a special design powedering chamber and the continous vacuum aspiration they are provided with.

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