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Unmatched flexibility in your production flow
Continuous mixers Mixermatic FG

Automatic and continuous mixers for chocolate and creams designed to drastically simplify the management of a wide range of different flavourings.

Final articles decoration

Semi finished articles

Direct filling into boxes and jars

Mixermatic mixers make it possible to add an infinite variety of flavours, colours and inclusions to chocolate, creams or neutral compounds just before depositing or filling, moving the complexity deriving from the addition of contaminating elements downstream of the production process.

On the one hand, this makes it possible to drastically reduce the required investments in storage, tempering and transport piping systems and, on the other hand, it exponentially improves the efficiency and flexibility of the entire production facility, extremely reducing the adjustment times and costs when new items are put in production. Furthermore differently from batchwise flavouring, Mixermatic grants a constantly controlled process, freed from human mistakes, is carried out.

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