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Drops, chunks, bars & other semi-finished articles
Belt Line A/DE

Automatic belt lines designed for the production of deposited or extruded semi-finished items such as chocolate drops and mini-drops, bars, chunks, curls, flakes and shavings.

Drops and chips

Chunks, bars and shavings

Depositing & Extruding
In a Single Head

Chocolate, fat based creams and compounds for enrobing or bake stable can be used with no differences on the line.

A/DE lines make use of the unique characteristics of the DE depositors-extruders that are able to combine depositing and extruding functionalities in a single device, switching in a few seconds from depositing chocolate drops to extruding continuous ribbons to be cut into the required item sizes.

The line is completed by a sophisticated cooling control system and the most advanced high-speed cutting technology that allows to produce on a single line the complete range of semi-finished items for re-melting, inclusion and decoration.

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